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18 Apr

Inspired Again!

We finally took a vacation again, after nearly 2 1/2 years! As regular readers know, my painting inspiration usually comes from sunsets, water and travel. The latter has been in very short supply lately. As readers also know, we had bouts of COVID last month, fortunately mild since we are triple vaxxed. This means that, […]

06 Oct

Digital Disappointment

Maybe it makes me a troglodyte or something, but I am not super-enamored of all things digital. What reminded me was that my new(ish, used) car just rolled over to 70,000 miles. Except it didn’t. Being digital, it was disappointing. There was no excitement, no clicking of numbers actually rolling over. Unlike last time, when […]

14 Sep

The Traveling Diet

Besides the obvious benefits – fascinating cultures, scenery, architecture, history, art, and novel experiences with story telling rights – travel can also be good for you in the food department. Who knew? It's a bit counter-intuitive, but an article in my MD's newsletter convinced me I can vouch for at least Europe and South America – no diet needed! Got […]

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