14 Oct

Catch 22

For those who remember the book, Catch 22 is a self-explanatory term for any situation that is basically an endless loop. These days, it’s frequently encountered when trying to deal with technology (which is why you haven’t seen a blog post in a while) and automated systems. I’ve found that painting, mystery novels, or chocolate are pretty much the only ways to calm down after such an experience.

As an example, I signed up for something online. Weeks later I received a bill and tried to pay, but the password I’d used to sign up didn’t work. New credentials were needed to actually log-in and pay for the specific service I’d selected. Their website didn’t explain this, and neither did “help” via a “live chat.”

Only after two phone calls for tech assistance did someone tell me this, then guide me through creating a new user name and password. The guidance was necessary because while the website stated which characters could be used, it didn’t explain that certain ones shouldn’t be at the end of the password! Maybe the designer of the website was a fan of the book Catch 22, because you just can’t make up this stuff.

A piece of really good chocolate helped. Staring at this newly finished painting also calmed me down. Since we can’t travel safely this year, painting places I remember fondly is cathartic. This was a quiet alley in the old port of Cadiz, Spain, where we spent a relaxing few days. After Cadiz memories and the chocolate, I was ready to read a mystery novel and forget Catch 22.


  1. San, it does indeed seem that way. Tell me again how technology is making my life easier?! A quiet alley would be lovely, but a painted one has to work for now.

  2. It seems the endless loops occur with greater frequency. We all need a literal quiet alley, or a painted one.

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