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31 Jan

Weak Social Ties

A recent article in Psychology Today addressed so-called weak social ties and their surprising importance to our emotional and physical health. Turns out that chatting with the mailman, being recognized in a favorite store, or even laughing with a stranger in line can improve your well-being. And, of course, you can be the one who […]

20 Dec

Feeling the Spirit

This year the holidays sort of snuck up on me. Or, more accurately, I was so busy ignoring the blizzard of commercialism, that I forgot to pay attention to the calendar. After I finished avoiding Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday and Cyber Whatever, it was suddenly mid-December and my holiday spirit was in […]

24 Sep

Nimby, Notes and Bananas

Most of us have heard the term Nimby – not in my back yard. And most of us would like to believe we are more open-minded and welcoming than it suggests, even though we often live in towns with restrictive zoning rules. What struck me as ironic is the realization that many of us seek […]

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