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24 Apr


Many people believe that “right-brained” folks are more intuitive and creative, and “left-brained” are more analytic (they could probably fix my cut-off image here!) and logical. For years I bought into that, and proudly claimed to be both. Turns out everybody is. Both brain hemispheres are involved in language and perception, with different specialties like […]

28 Mar

Simple Stress Reduction

These times call for stress reduction! For me, some techniques are obvious: relive fun travel memories by sorting through photos to decide what to paint; immerse myself in “the zone” when I paint; enjoy knowing my paintings make collectors feel good. You can also get in the zone by working out, or reading a good […]

11 Mar

A Happier Home

Way back when, I took a grad seminar in environmental psychology. At the time, the field was focused on how we found our way around in the world. Lately it has crossed into architecture and interior design, in recognition of the built environment’s impact on our health, thinking and socializing. Thousands of years ago, humans […]

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