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14 Mar

Art as the Antidote

We are in an unusually politicized period of history where news is almost always bad and elected officials often sow divisiveness rather than solve problems. A recent editorial in the New York Times suggests that art can relieve some of this stress, offering beauty even in an ugly world. Thanks to my cousin Jonathan I […]

28 Feb

Aging Well?

Research cited in Psychology Today suggests that how long you live is partly determined by how you think about aging. An interesting longitudinal study tracked adults for 23 years, measuring mortality and asking about their perceptions of aging. Turns out that people who had positive perceptions of aging lived longer than those who didn’t. This […]

16 Jan

Holiday Hunger

People often complain about overeating during the holiday season, but a couple of recent articles shed some light. According to Psychology Today there are four types of hunger, at least two of which feed into this phenomenon. The Economist expands that notion with an article about the new field of nutritional psychiatry. It seems physical […]

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