18 Jun

How To Relax

Many people think of relaxation as involving lots of catch-up sleep on the weekend. Others relax by sitting in front of the tv, or playing games on their computers or phones. A recent article in Psychology Today sheds light on what really works.

The research cited said what really helps people recover from work (or life) related stress is to relax by doing something entirely different. If peoples’ jobs or daily lives are routine and structured, then a creative endeavor like sewing, woodworking, or painting helps them relax more. People in creative professions achieve greater relaxation with physical, repetitive activities like stacking wood, riding a bike, or weeding a garden. Or swinging back and forth in a hammock, perhaps, per this painting.

Another study cited found that it is important to not only participate in activities that are different from daily life, but also to disengage from work. People who relax with something entirely different and who also detach from their jobs over the weekend are much more energized the following week.

This supported something I’d sensed intuitively. Before we were all connected, all the time, I used to say “its not a vacation unless I get on a plane to go some place where I barely speak the language and can’t work the phones.” These days, to disengage like that I need to leave my phone in the hotel safe, and often do. To see this painting and many other summery images, join us at SEC-TV, Plaza Court, Groton, for an exhibit opening on 5:30-8:00 on Thursday, June 22.


  1. For me, thinking about what i am grateful grateful for – which I cannot express enough – is you Beth and Paul. Thank you.

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