05 May

Commissioned Art

On rare occasions, I have created commissioned paintings – meaning somebody specifically asked me to paint a certain subject. It’s not something I do often, or seek out, as it’s far more stressful than simply painting what I feel like creating.

When people request a specific painting, I feel a tremendous obligation to get it right for them. We agree on what it would be, roughly what it would look like, how much it would cost and when it’s needed. That is a lot more pressure than just deciding if I feel like painting on a given day, and if so, what. LOL  My paintings are always of things that moved me. Otherwise I have trouble being creative.

Sometimes the requested commission is at least within the ballpark of things I’ve painted successfully many times in the past. – a beach sunset, or Elizabeth Park’s gardens. Other times it’s way out of my comfort zone, such as when people have asked me to paint portraits. Much as I’d love to oblige, and as flattering as the request is, those are situations where I have to say no thank you. My crazy colors and lack of detail are not well-suited to capturing an accurate likeness of a person.

Once in a while, the request falls into a nebulous area. For example, a painting of a particular building is sort of a portrait, but is also very much like the cityscapes I love to paint. As long as the person commissioning it understands my artistic style – bright, loose, real without being realistic – we can usually make it work. An example is this work in progress for my longtime mechanic and friend.


  1. Sometimes you create a commissioned work unknowingly, like that fabulous painting I have hanging in my house of Carl & Ruthe strolling the streets of Portugal….

  2. Judy, I’m so glad to know that painting is still giving you pleasure! Sunsets are right up my alley, and it was fun to work with you on it.

  3. Hi Beth, wanted to say hello while I admire your work. Hope you and Paul are well. Getting geared up for flower/vegetable planting. Heading for a trip down the Amazon River in September.
    Love, love retirement!

  4. Beth, I will be forever grateful that you felt a connection to the sunset at Herring Cove in Provincetown. I remember showing you the pictures I took and asked if you would create a Beth Pite sunset for me. And you gave me a spectacular piece of art! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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