25 Jul

Energy, Light and Color

Light and color can change mood, soothe and heal. A recent article in Pastel Journal reminded me of the documented therapeutic effects of visual art. It can change brain wave activity, improve immune response, or shift you from fear and stress to calm and relaxation.

That, in turn, made me recall a consulting client who had developed an innovative color-based approach to psychotherapy, useful for anything from anger management to post-surgery healing. Various colors influence different people in different ways and color theory is a field of study itself, but there are commonly accepted truths. For example, most blues and greens are soothing – think nature – while reds and oranges are usually stimulating. I read about the energy of different colored semi-precious stones in my jewelry-making days, and studied the impact of color in interior design and art classes.

Which brings me to the connection to my art, specifically to the feelings people get from my paintings. Collectors often comment on my use of color and how happy my work makes them feel. My belief is that if a painting doesn't speak to someone and make them feel good, I shouldn't expect them to want it in their home or office.

I paint to communicate the energy and enjoyment I experience with travel, seascapes or sunsets, in order to share that feeling with others. I tend to use bright, clear colors. I also paint with lots of complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) because they really pop against each other and help me convey an energized feeling, as in this painting of New York. 


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