12 Jul

Home Improvement?

This is the rough block-in for the composition of a new painting. It’s also art therapy. It’s based on a favorite photo from my first trip to Venice, and I unearthed it at an opportune time. It reminded me what some people have to go through to do laundry. At least my clothes aren’t hanging over a canal between crumbling buildings.

Last month we replaced the floor in our tiny laundry/mud room with linoleum. Sounds simple, right? Well, it took two tries to get us the right sample book. Once the linoleum arrived, three visits were needed to install it. Then their plumber couldn’t properly reinstall the washing machine, dryer and sink. All three send water to the sewer via a pump – which he broke. We had five visits from him before we gave up and called someone else, who will hopefully be able to remedy the situation.

Yes, I know this is a first world problem. I know it’s silly to be upset over being unable to use my washer for a couple of weeks, or having no slop sink during gardening and sailing season. Knowing this makes it only marginally less infuriating when someone is so incompetent at their job that you’re inconvenienced for weeks, after being led to believe it would take one day.

A month’s aggravation, plus rediscovering this photo, reminded me it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try again to find an appropriate spot for an old-fashioned clothes line. After all, when traveling in Italy, Spain or Portugal I find them charming. On the bright side, at least I’ll get another Venetian canal painting out of this frustrating experience.


  1. Misery loves company! Sounds like our frustration with trying to get the plumber for the Dunn’s beach cottage to install an outside faucet so that the hose can actually be screwed onto it.
    At least we have no washer or dryer at the cottage for any mishaps.

  2. Beth, I love this post and feel sorry for all your hassle! But I would definitely encourage you to hang up a clothesline. I have one in my backyard and hang my sheets out there every week and there’s nothing like fresh air smell to help you fall asleep! And I love this composition!

  3. I love the abstract quality to your blocking process and I vote “yes” to a clothesline! Let’s bring them back…..especially for sheets.

  4. Usually more entertaining in retrospect, these home calamities which should be so simple. Glad it produced some art ideas and humor as you remember the events.

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