08 Aug

Lessons Learned

Our six year old granddaughter recently spent a week with us, and we learned a lot. Life lessons include don’t be afraid to get dirty, which I would normally do only in the garden or my painting studio. Also, never miss a chance to go on a boat. And always have a daily treat. See why I love that girl?!

Kids are intuitively inventive and curious, always dreaming up games and creating things. From playing pirates with a few sticks, to a fascination with boats, her boundless imagination was a source of inspiration. A designer friend gave me a t-shirt years ago with my favorite saying – life is not a dress rehearsal. Having a six year old around was a good reminder to enjoy every day.

Being with her also reminded me to never stop drawing. Who would have thought you could draw your favorite salad recipe? Or make your own book by drawing the best photos from a birding guide? (after exhausting the possibilities of the Monarchs in our garden; see photo) Or draw your own word puzzle based on one from the New York Times? Or have fun drawing bones, after quizzing grandparents about evolution, archeology and anatomy?

It’s been enlightening alright. And did I mention exhausting? LOL I’m only just now getting everything back where it belongs, and feeling energized enough to consider painting again. When I do, it will include a heavy dose of drawing and imagination.


  1. Yes indeed–love all that creativity and it reminds us to live it up–as much as we can (I just had several treats at an art opening –must have been a premonition of your advice). So glad y’all absosrbed every moment of fun with her.

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