14 Apr

Opportunity Knocks

Not to sound too New Age-y, but sometimes you just have to put the intention out there and then watch carefully for the universe to respond with an opportunity. After devoting a lot of time in the last few years to volunteer board work, I recently decided to focus on my art business.

At a farmers market in March, I noticed an interesting looking shop across the street. And remembered a friend had recommended it – last year. So I went in, and encountered one of the owners. The one who knows my friend. Their merchandise was intriguing – funky upholstered furniture, housewares, colorful bags, repurposed antiques, art and jewelry by local makers – shown in vignettes demonstrating how well disparate items can go together. One thing led to another, I started helping them rearrange displays, and now my pastel paintings are part of their eclectic mix!

Similar serendipity happened in Hartford. It was a gorgeous day so I walked to the box office to buy theater tickets, vs. phone or online, then popped into a favorite shop. The owner happened to be on the sales floor and complimented me on a color I was wearing. That reminded her I'm an artist, since she knows me mostly as a long time downtowner, board member, consultant, etc. Now we're planning to have an art exhibit at the store in a couple of months!

All of which reminds me to be open, be flexible, be grateful – and seize opportunities to collaborate with creative people. The first fruits of my effort are on view at that shop in Gales Ferry Village.  http://www.seasonalhomeshop.com/  Join us at a reception this Friday, April 15, from 6:30-8:00. You'll see local scenes like this one of the famous Mystic drawbridge, plus paintings of cherry trees in bloom (ah, Spring!) and sunsets on the water. And did I mention we'll be serving wine, to help celebrate that tax day is over?!


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