06 Jun

Slightly Unacceptable

Discussing Kentucky Derby parties we planned to attend, an old friend told me about her outfit and, in particular, the bling she intended to add to it. A very creative person, she anticipated the party might be on the traditional side, so her stated goal was to be slightly unacceptable.

The phrase instantly grabbed me. What a wonderful way to express the creative urge, the need to look at things a bit differently and to stretch people’s thinking. To me, it also signaled a need for variety, addressed in a post a few months ago, and the desire to just have fun.

Being slightly unacceptable could also describe how I like to travel. Rather than take a tour, book a name brand hotel, or make restaurant reservations, we take trains and buses, choosing “faded glory” hotels as we go. Then we wander around, relying on our homework and some serendipity to find food and the sights, major or minor. Research has shown these urges are healthy, because novel experiences keep our brains supple.

This approach lets me experience new things, interact with locals and get inspired to paint – as I did in Crete, Provence and southern Spain. You can see the results in my current exhibit, Mediterranean and More, at Morneault’s Stackpole Moore Tryon in Hartford. Here’s an example, capturing the astonishing 400 foot deep gorge in Ronda, one of the famous “white towns” in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain.


  1. I can totally relate to slightly unacceptable. I like to say that I zig when they zag.
    Love your colors in this piece.

  2. Aw, thanks so much for your kind words, Jewell! So maybe the rock ledges weren’t really purple and pink… It was just such an awe-inspiring sight, and I wanted to show how it felt to be there.

  3. The idea of being slightly unacceptable is the spark for difference. It means we operate outside of the box which allows amazing creativity. This is why your work is so beautiful. You don’t allow defined norms to dictate your expression – this piece is the perfect example of what we can see and express to others when we don’t follow ALL the rules! I love how you travel!

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