25 Nov

Southern Spain

For several years I’ve been eager to experience southern Spain’s offerings, including its tasty tapas and Granada’s Alhambra palace. We just returned, and the sights were every bit as spectacular as expected. I’m inspired to paint again; the challenge will be deciding where to start. There are too many choices, such as this famous gorge in the mountain town of Ronda.

Sevilla provided our introduction to stunning Moorish architecture and helped us acclimate to later meals with smaller, tapas-sized servings. In Cordoba, we loved the mezquita’s hundreds of colorful arches and intricate ironwork, even though it was muddled by the later addition of a cathedral smack in the center of it.

Granada offered stunning views of the famous Alhambra and winding, souk-like alleys of shops. By then I’d had more than enough of their beloved ham, cheese and bread. However, I was getting addicted to Spanish olives – not salty! – and to their OJ, from a Rube Goldberg-like contraption that sends fresh oranges down a chute and releases pure heaven into the cup at the bottom.

Finding that our reserved trains kept turning into buses instead, and avoiding smokers, started to wear thin. Ronda’s scenery, medieval hotel and great food briefly made up for it. Then Cadiz provided a respite on the water, with easy day trips to Jerez for a performance by the dancing Royal Andalusian horses and a sherry tour. Iberia even managed to fly us home without misadventure. Now to find time to paint!


  1. Thank you for helping me to reminisce about Spain. We say that we went to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco for two and a half months on our honeymoon, but that is putting the horse before the cart. Actually, I asked Jeffrey to marry me under an orange tree in Valencia.

  2. Jerry, we actually toyed with going to Morocco, but decided to stay put for a few days after being in a half dozen towns. Hope you loved Bali! Isn’t it fascinating?

  3. Sounds wonderful-minus smokers and buses–wish I could try it out–looking forward to your paintngs.

  4. Sounds like a great trip. You may have been in Seville at the same time as my son, who now is in Morroco. I missed our high school reunion because we were in Bali, another wonderful place to visit.

  5. Sounds wonderful. Ray and I are going to Portugal in September. Any ideas or thoughts of what to see? Always thinking of you with fondness,
    Happy Holidays!


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