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22 Jul

I Love NY

Milton Glaser, the graphic designer who created the iconic I Love NY image that uses a heart for the word love, died recently. Thanks to his passion, he was working until the end, well into his 90s. An interview shortly before his death included some insights about creativity and New York City that resonated for […]

11 Mar

A Happier Home

Way back when, I took a grad seminar in environmental psychology. At the time, the field was focused on how we found our way around in the world. Lately it has crossed into architecture and interior design, in recognition of the built environment’s impact on our health, thinking and socializing. Thousands of years ago, humans […]

04 Apr

Experiences, Not Stuff

Some months ago I read an article about proven methods to reduce stress. Apparently I’ve been intuitively utilizing several of them – coloring (so to speak), changes in spending, and reduced screen time. Research has shown increased screen time to be a major risk factor for mood disorders among U.S. adults. One key recommendation was to […]

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