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12 Mar

Feel the Beat

Our recent trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, had beautiful architecture and great weather. We found it a bit more “faded glory” than anticipated, but one real high spot was the amazing energy of the carnival parade in Montevideo’s old city. Uruguay’s carnival celebration is more family oriented than those in New Orleans […]

14 Sep

The Traveling Diet

Besides the obvious benefits – fascinating cultures, scenery, architecture, history, art, and novel experiences with story telling rights – travel can also be good for you in the food department. Who knew? It's a bit counter-intuitive, but an article in my MD's newsletter convinced me I can vouch for at least Europe and South America – no diet needed! Got […]

20 Oct

Black, White and Brown

Nope, this isn't a philosophical discussion about race, but a brief explanation of why I never use those colors in my paintings. Mostly because they aren't really colors. Black is the absence of color or light. This is the opposite of what I hope to convey in my art, where I want to show energy through […]

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