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28 Mar

Simple Stress Reduction

These times call for stress reduction! For me, some techniques are obvious: relive fun travel memories by sorting through photos to decide what to paint; immerse myself in “the zone” when I paint; enjoy knowing my paintings make collectors feel good. You can also get in the zone by working out, or reading a good […]

22 Nov

Diderot Effected?

The Diderot effect says people purchase things that are generally complementary to one another and that relate to their sense of identity. When something new deviates, though, it can cause a domino effect of more consumption. Perhaps the new kitchen/car/shoes make existing possessions look shabby, and suddenly everything must be upgraded. Coined by anthropologist Grant […]

19 Jan

SeeFood Diet

Painting makes me hungry. Really hungry. Almost as much as heavy duty yard work or aerobic exercise does. Which I found kind of surprising. While it takes a lot of concentration to think about next steps in a painting, expending mental energy normally doesn't build a large appetite. I can run a meeting, write a […]

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