28 Mar

Simple Stress Reduction

These times call for stress reduction! For me, some techniques are obvious: relive fun travel memories by sorting through photos to decide what to paint; immerse myself in “the zone” when I paint; enjoy knowing my paintings make collectors feel good. You can also get in the zone by working out, or reading a good book. And eating can be used to relieve stress. (This time I don’t mean chocolate, but it’s certainly worth a try!)

Chronic stress releases inflammatory substances that interfere with neurotransmission. Omega 3 fats can help because they are anti-inflammatory. Vitamin B buffers our nervous systems and research finds people feel better when taking it. People with high levels of vitamin C show less stress, and bounce back faster. Both B and C are needed for neurotransmission, so lack of them can interfere with clear thinking.

End of biology lesson; back to eating. LOL The best sources for omega 3 are walnuts, shrimp and fatty fish like salmon. Vitamin B is found in leafy greens, dairy, meat, poultry and beans. Besides citrus fruit, you can get lots of vitamin C from deeply colored produce like broccoli, tomatoes, kale and peppers. In a two-fer, we’re supporting our local small businesses to get good food. Using online or phone orders with timed pick up (plus alcohol wipes and disposable gloves!) we’ve shopped our local co-op grocery, freshly-made pasta restaurant and fish store. Ditto a local brew pub (ok, not vitamin-laden, but someone dear to me de-stresses with craft IPAs) and the conveniently adjacent cheese maker.  Grilled on our home-baked bread with arugula, it becomes healthy. Or comfort food, at least.

Even if you can’t immediately improve your diet, perhaps you can get inspired by looking at a painting of some things you should eat. So here’s a selection from my infamous “produce aisle,” which tend to go like (you should pardon the expression) hotcakes. Hope it helps you de-stress!


  1. Great concoction of de-stressers Beth. Thank you.

    Beautiful artwork, as usual!


  2. All sounds like de-stressers for this occasion and others. I’ve been eating lots of fresh veggies with a little fish –and made a batch of chili. Your bright veggies on Fiesta plate are a perfect solution to a treat which helps body, mind and soul. I find the more I choose a pleasant and easy activity, more my day passes happily. Walking 8-9 miles a day takes some serious time too. We have to keep the faith during all this–our only choice.

  3. We’re with you, Howard! So far, so good, though cabin fever could well strike. A long walk usually resolves most issues. Take good care!

  4. Thanks for the positive energy. I’ve looked through photos and the canvas of my mind is busy. Stay healthy.

  5. Sounds like you are well and trying to be productive.

    All good here in the Rockies although cabin fever could show up anytime.

    Stay safe and well.

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