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28 Mar

Simple Stress Reduction

These times call for stress reduction! For me, some techniques are obvious: relive fun travel memories by sorting through photos to decide what to paint; immerse myself in “the zone” when I paint; enjoy knowing my paintings make collectors feel good. You can also get in the zone by working out, or reading a good […]

03 Oct

Oops – Making Pickles

Did the image in that last post look familiar? Here’s what you were supposed to see! It may sound odd, but cooking, interior design and gardening – even getting dressed – and, yes, painting, are all similar to me. What I mean is they flow from the same creative process. In all cases, I’m dreaming […]

19 Jan

SeeFood Diet

Painting makes me hungry. Really hungry. Almost as much as heavy duty yard work or aerobic exercise does. Which I found kind of surprising. While it takes a lot of concentration to think about next steps in a painting, expending mental energy normally doesn't build a large appetite. I can run a meeting, write a […]

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