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22 Jan

Cognitive Labor

This wasn’t a term I’d heard before, but the often invisible effort of cognitive labor is also known as life admin, which is more intuitively obvious. The person in a family who’s generally in charge of things like household maintenance and social coordination is buried in cognitive labor. It’s often unacknowledged, but the time (or […]

27 Aug

The Creative Crowd

Reviewing photos from opening receptions for my two recent exhibits, in Avon and Simsbury, CT, caused me to reflect. They reminded me how lucky I am to have a large circle of very creative friends whose energy reinforces and encourages mine. Included in the photos were graphic designers, a former dancer, an architect and a […]

04 Apr

Getting Emotional

Contrary to popular belief, getting emotional is not a bad thing. Which emotion, and, more importantly, what label you put on it when your brain decides what you are feeling, is what matters.  The ability to identify, harness and express those feelings at the appropriate time, in the appropriate amount, to the appropriate person, constitutes […]

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