30 Dec

The Perfect Gift?

It is always a challenge to give presents once people reach a certain age. While I hope you are enjoying the holidays, they do tend to exacerbate the issue. People have what they need, or they have very particular tastes, or you don’t know what they really want. Plus it’s often awkward to calibrate the appropriate degree of gifting.

Should you get something small, a token of friendship or appreciation, while recognizing they don’t need it? If you find the perfect thing for someone, should you buy it and somehow signal they don’t need to reciprocate? Some solve the problem with cash or gift cards, but that feels impersonal to me. Maybe you put a gift in your bag, briefcase, or coat pocket, keeping it subtle in case the other person shows up empty-handed. What if the client or coworker is also a friend, or vice versa?

Gift giving is so fraught that it often seems easier to avoid it. Yet some people are such good friends that you want to give a present. Some people are so kind and helpful all year that tangible evidence seems appropriate, a gift to show how much they are appreciated. That was what led to this painting.

My husband works with someone who is always calm and friendly. She maintains her sense of humor under sometimes stressful circumstances. Or she fakes it very well, always sounding happy to hear from me. LOL She vacationed in Spain last year and was so awed by this field of poppies that she sent me her photo. I decided then and there to surprise her with a painting of it.


  1. A beautiful gift from the heart is one that is treasured. .

    I totally agree that as we move on in life and “need” less things, sharing time together is the gift.

  2. As that “calm” coworker, I’m blessed to know you Beth. Others, know I shared a moment, one I will carry with me for a lifetime, of a “what!?” moment – as in…stop the car! Look at this! And Beth gave that moment to me forever – and I am forever grateful my friend.

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