06 Oct

Lamp Posts, Arches and Umbrellas

Many people have commented on my use of vivid color, and a very observant few have also noticed certain elements that show up regularly in my paintings. Besides city scenes and street fairs (the energy!) and sunsets over water (the colorful energy!) I seem to have a bias for interesting architectural elements. These include impressive arched doorways, ornate […]

25 Sep

Older and Better

No need to choose just one, and I don't say this simply because of a sign at a recent dinner party saying "silver is the new blond!" Older has given me time and resources to travel more. Better is because I'm healthier (thanks to our CSA farm share) and more fit (thanks to Pilates) than when I […]

08 Sep

Painting Challenges in Portugal

First of all, Portugal actually makes Rome look flat. Once I understood that, the challenges became clear for a dedicated walker who wants to photograph and paint the spectacular views. Famously built on seven hills, Rome is filled with staircases and winding streets. Its relatively gradual inclines are nothing compared to Portugal's hills, which rise almost straight up. Portuguese […]

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