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12 Nov

Any Brown People?

It was a simple question, asked out of curiosity. It came from someone who has been a close friend since we served on a nonprofit board together 30 years ago. And it brought me up short. She asked “are there any brown people in your paintings?” Just like that, I was seeing yet another example […]

13 Feb

Rude, Ignorant Time?

That doesn’t refer to current events, though it certainly could. It is a quote from an artist named Nicolas Roerich. He believed cultural heritage is a world treasure comprised of buildings, art, universities, libraries, concert halls and theaters.  He said they must all be “protected from the ravages of war and neglect, for without them […]

04 Apr

Experiences, Not Stuff

Some months ago I read an article about proven methods to reduce stress. Apparently I’ve been intuitively utilizing several of them – coloring (so to speak), changes in spending, and reduced screen time. Research has shown increased screen time to be a major risk factor for mood disorders among U.S. adults. One key recommendation was to […]

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