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15 Jan

Thirst for Variety

Last month I realized I was in the middle of reading five different books.  They range from fun fiction, to an award-winning literary novel, to compelling nonfiction accounts of the flood in New Orleans, girls raised as boys in Afghanistan, and the criminally insane murderer who helped create the Oxford English dictionary. Apparently, my thirst […]

24 Oct

Color Crazy

Claude Monet reportedly said “color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” With all due respect, I’d leave out the torment part. My love affair with color is absolute. Many artists struggle to use color more freely. Not me. Part of the reason I love painting with pastels is they are so robust. I paint […]

03 Oct

Oops – Making Pickles

Did the image in that last post look familiar? Here’s what you were supposed to see! It may sound odd, but cooking, interior design and gardening – even getting dressed – and, yes, painting, are all similar to me. What I mean is they flow from the same creative process. In all cases, I’m dreaming […]

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