02 May

Painter as Tour Guide

Maybe it's because artists tend to look more carefully than others do, or maybe it's because my art is about sharing how exciting it felt to be somewhere. For whatever reason, I seem to play tour guide and economic development booster more than most people (unless they get paid to do it.)

It would be hard to live or work somewhere if I wasn't passionate about it. There's the joy of my studio at the shore – sailboats, seafood shacks and sunsets turning the water to fire. The urban energy of my downtown apartment offers concerts in the park, theaters, shops, an art museum and dozens of restaurants within walking distance. All of this inspires me to paint, and to share whatever was wonderful about being there.

This painting of a wine tasting on the North Fork of Long Island comes with a side of restaurant and shopping recommendations. My painting of the Garde in New London means a conversation about fabulous architecture, breakfast at Muddy Waters, dinner at the Northern Indian place, or the vibrant music scene. Admire my painting of the drawbridge in Mystic, and I'll suggest a lobster shack on the water in Noank, after a stop at the Foundry for local artisans' crafts. The same is true of my Hartford paintings. That's was the St. Patrick's Day parade – now do you want to know where to eat? That's Bushnell Park – you have to ride its carousel and go to Monday night jazz!

In fact, I seem unable to contain my enthusiasm. Hopefully people who collect my paintings appreciate the energy and find the optimism contagious. After all, if art doesn't make you feel good, why would you want it in your home?

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