01 Jan

Resolutions – Dreams or Goals?

Though not a fan of new year’s resolutions, I had a dream years ago about how my life could look. City place, beach place – it was that vague, and that specific. While neither a beach goer (I burn) nor a strong swimmer (bluffed my way through Girl Scout camp!) something about the ocean calls to me. I simply have to be near water to be happy. A city’s energy, however, is also essential to my well-being.

Hence the city place (I had a downtown condo) and beach place idea. A goal is merely a wish if there is no deadline attached, but this wish soon became a realistic goal thanks to a very busy consulting year. Searching for the beach house, there were only four criteria: I could afford it; it was a short, easy drive; I could see the water; it didn’t hurt my eyes to look at the house. LOL While I wasn’t yet a sailor, that was part of my goal, too.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m still there. Met a guy who taught me to sail, who’s now my husband. Rebuilt the rundown little beach house a few years ago, when he said we needed a “grown up house” if we planned to ever retire there. Remodeled, it’s now energy efficient and age-in-place-able, but still has water views from nearly every room.

And the water still inspires me. It’s soothing, changeable, powerful, colorful – and a favorite painting subject. When I’m not working on scenes from our travels, my art often features water. These are usually paintings of sunsets over nearby harbors, like this just-finished piece. My seascapes seem to go fast; I’m clearly not the only “water person” out there. Happy New Year to my fellow water lovers, and to all who choose to turn dreams into reality!


  1. Beth, beautifully written and an inspiration for me. These past few days have really been a challenge and I think today is the day I’ll just take a drive to the ocean and soothe my soul. I don’t know how people get through grief, but it sure is a reality these days!

  2. That one reminds me of the view of Charles Island from Fort Trumbull Beach in Milford where I grew up! Thanks for the nostalgia and happy new year!

  3. It is indeed up to us, Jacqueline. Like you, I’ve tried to make it happen! Glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for your comment.

  4. Beth,
    Well written, rhythmic, you keep our attention.
    Dreams are the blue print of our life’s.
    Up to us to turn them into the reality we can live with!

  5. Hi Beth–so glad your life has had so many dreams come to fruition. Happy New Year to you. I am grateful for our friendship all these years gone by and feel great thanksgiving for all my dreams which have become reality through the years. Sadly, Al is in Hospice now after 30 beautiful years together. That happens too.

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