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02 Oct

Call Me Luxurious

A long time collector of my art visited recently, and paid me what I consider to be quite a compliment. He told me he describes my paintings to his friends as “luxurious.” While I’m not into what most people consider luxuries – brand name clothes, new cars and such – that struck me as a […]

23 Aug

Finding Your Peeps

A recent article got me thinking about why I love travel, and talking to people who travel, and painting scenes from my travels – like this one of Chania harbor, on the Greek island of Crete. According to Psychology Today, there’s actually a scientific basis for it. Whatever people rate as important, their friends tend […]

01 Aug

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s always been apparent that having water views makes me feel better. Conversely, being cooped up inside without views, as in my corporate days, depresses me. Before I earned a promotion and a window, I used to joke that it was like living inside a Band-Aid box – beige, bland and boring. Turns out there’s […]

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