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04 Apr

Experiences, Not Stuff

Some months ago I read an article about proven methods to reduce stress. Apparently I’ve been intuitively utilizing several of them – coloring (so to speak), changes in spending, and reduced screen time. Research has shown increased screen time to be a major risk factor for mood disorders among U.S. adults. One key recommendation was to […]

15 Jan

Thirst for Variety

Last month I realized I was in the middle of reading five different books.  They range from fun fiction, to an award-winning literary novel, to compelling nonfiction accounts of the flood in New Orleans, girls raised as boys in Afghanistan, and the criminally insane murderer who helped create the Oxford English dictionary. Apparently, my thirst […]

19 Apr

Random Walking

As in last year’s post about fidgeting and health, it appears there is solid research to support my notion that wandering helps creativity. Regular readers know my habit when traveling is to walk for hours, taking photos that later serve as reference material in my painting studio. And when I paint, my habit is to […]

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