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01 Aug

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s always been apparent that having water views makes me feel better. Conversely, being cooped up inside without views, as in my corporate days, depresses me. Before I earned a promotion and a window, I used to joke that it was like living inside a Band-Aid box – beige, bland and boring. Turns out there’s […]

19 Jun

An Interesting Life

Years ago I bought a funky, colorful raincoat at a craft show. I wasn’t long past my corporate days, when beige (which is not a color! at least in my world) trench coats were the only acceptable choice over my pin-striped suits. So I hesitated, and was egged on by the woman who’d made the coat. She […]

19 Apr

Random Walking

As in last year’s post about fidgeting and health, it appears there is solid research to support my notion that wandering helps creativity. Regular readers know my habit when traveling is to walk for hours, taking photos that later serve as reference material in my painting studio. And when I paint, my habit is to […]

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