01 Aug

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s always been apparent that having water views makes me feel better. Conversely, being cooped up inside without views, as in my corporate days, depresses me. Before I earned a promotion and a window, I used to joke that it was like living inside a Band-Aid box – beige, bland and boring.

Turns out there’s a scientific basis for these feelings. Exposure to nature is great for you. Studies have measured what most people know intuitively when they enjoy gardens, beaches and forests. Spending a few days in nature increases creativity by 50%, decreases aggression and increases attention span. Being near the ocean increases happiness.

It’s healthier to stare at a forest photo than a blank wall, better yet to look out a window, and best to take a walk. Even five minutes will improve your health, and five hours a month outdoors will do wonders, according to new research in the field of environmental health.

While many artists are drawn to forests and fields, my ideal life involves city energy balanced by ocean waves and sunsets. That’s certainly what I’m inspired to paint, and it seems my collectors find them soothing as well. This painting of Chania harbor on the Greek island of Crete is one of my newest. Perhaps a painting of an outdoor scene on your office wall will improve your mood, productivity and creativity!


  1. I love the shimmer on the surface of the water–well done!

    And, yes, it is the Earth that renews us–physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    Great post, Beth.

  2. Emma, so glad it gave you that feeling! Thanks for commenting and complimenting. It really is amazing how that works, Laurie. We’re lucky to be able to partake.

  3. One is invited to seat on “that bench” and enjoy the sea! Beautiful as usual!! You are so right! Water and nature allows us to relax and forget the mundane!!

  4. Four weeks in Aruba watching the sunsets over the sea make me human again after the school year is over. I envy your beautiful view.

  5. Michael, I covet a screen porch! Glad it’s working its magic, and thank you for commenting. Michelle and Sue, thanks for the compliments. So nice everybody is enjoying this post, which kind of proves the point – we all know intuitively that nature is good for us.

  6. So true! As I sit on the screen porch on Chappaquiddick gazing over the outer harbor and Nantucket Sound my soul is being restored!

  7. Beth, you are SO talented!! This is a gorgeous painting – and I totally love the topic of this post! Being outdoors as much as I can is essential to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I too know what it’s like to have an office without windows – one of my last jobs was like that and I lasted for nearly 3 years before I had to go. My current schedule allows a lot of time for outdoors – from gardening to running to walking the dog – and I feel so much healthier!

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