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14 Jun

Exhibit Adrenalin

Preparing for the opening reception of an art exhibit requires basic project management skills. You have to consider lead times for production (postcard invitations, flyers and ads, the actual paintings), logistics (photographing, framing and schlepping the art) and supplies (labels, picture hooks or putty, brochures, cocktail napkins.)  You have to address human resources (help with hors d'oeuvres, bar-tending, […]

16 Dec

A Room of One’s Own

Air travel offers hideous food, ache-inducing seats, bad air directed at your head, and people who don't cover their mouths for sneezes and coughs. We braved it all for wonderful Thanksgiving visits in CA, returning with airplane-caught colds just as the holiday season kicked into gear. Missing a few events to spare friends, I finally attended a holiday luncheon with some fascinating, accomplished women. […]

25 Sep

Older and Better

No need to choose just one, and I don't say this simply because of a sign at a recent dinner party saying "silver is the new blond!" Older has given me time and resources to travel more. Better is because I'm healthier (thanks to our CSA farm share) and more fit (thanks to Pilates) than when I […]

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