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24 Nov

Not Mashed Potatoes

The subjects I feel the urge to paint most often, besides cityscapes from my travels – sadly, not this year – are seascapes, particularly sunsets over the water. Not enjoying plein air (painting on-site) due to sunburn, bugs and intrusive passers-by, I often work from photos taken near my studio on the Connecticut shore. One […]

05 Feb

The Blue Mind

A boating magazine is not where I’d normally look for psychological insight or painting inspiration. Nonetheless, a recent article entitled “This Is Your Brain on a Boat,” from BoatU.S., offered both. It reminded me that research studies support what is intuitively obvious to me – we feel better around water. There’s evidence for it, based on […]

07 Jul

Cruising Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage site, crosses southern France to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Commissioned by Louis XIV, it is an amazing engineering and architectural feat comprising 300+ year old stone bridges and locks. The small villages alongside it are pretty, the baguettes were fresh, and I got hundreds of photos to paint from. Miles […]

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