27 Aug

The Creative Crowd

Reviewing photos from opening receptions for my two recent exhibits, in Avon and Simsbury, CT, caused me to reflect. They reminded me how lucky I am to have a large circle of very creative friends whose energy reinforces and encourages mine.

Included in the photos were graphic designers, a former dancer, an architect and a Latin music producer. There were also several nonprofit leaders whose jobs require extreme creativity every single day. Friends’ hobbies run the gamut from biking, dancing and mountain climbing, to quilting, jewelry-making and baking.

These talented friends feed me in so many ways. They are always there for a quick question or reality check. They provide helpful critiques of my work, then support and purchase my paintings. Most of my friends share my love for travel, so we often exchange suggestions and stories about trips. They offer opportunities to do good and be of service, which simultaneously remind me how very lucky I am. They provide a hug when needed. Most important of all, they make me laugh.

Like me, they also love the shoreline, especially sunsets over the water. That’s why I shared this seascape’s progress with friends and collectors who visited recently. They asked about my process, which is messy, as you can see. I use multiple photos and thumbnail sketches to determine what to paint – and yes, the Alhambra is next. Meanwhile, this post is dedicated to my community of talented friends.


  1. Thank you for your inner (and outer) beauty which creates your very special paintings. I am honored to be considered one of your friends.

  2. Messy and creative….just the way I like it. ‍‍ Let’s just say it takes one to know one. Haha!

    I love seeing your process.

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