26 Aug

Bathroom and Bedroom Art

Some of the simplest and most fun things to paint are fruit, vegetables and nudes. They're actually very similar. All are rounded shapes that challenge me to show volume, that are pleasing to the eye and that appeal to people on a primal level.

My "still-ish life paintings" – because everything I paint has energy and doesn't really sit still – are often fondly referred to as "the produce aisle." They tend to portray favorite foods that are about to become meals, so I give the paintings names like Fruit Smoothie, Happy Hour or Guacamole. You can see some of the produce aisle now at http://www.seasonalhomeshop.com/ in Gales Ferry, CT.

People often buy these paintings in multiples for places like kitchens and bathrooms. Being told my paintings will grace a kitchen or bathroom doesn't bother me at all – although I do suggest rotating your collection to protect against too much moisture, just as you would protect against fading from too much sun. I find it flattering that people want to live so intimately with my art. The same is true of paintings in bedrooms, which is often where my nudes are hung.

The nudes are just as colorful and as much fun to create (when I have an opportunity to paint from a model) as the still-ish life paintings, but they aren't exhibited as often. Some shops and offices are concerned about possibly offending their clients, yet collectors do love them. In fact, the first painting I ever sold was a nude, shown here, and I can't keep enough of them on hand to mount a show. One of these days I'll exhibit the nudes and still-ish life paintings together, so people can see the similarities for themselves. For now, one large nude in cool blue tones is available http://pamelahirth.com/ in Woodbridge, CT.

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