24 Apr


Many people believe that “right-brained” folks are more intuitive and creative, and “left-brained” are more analytic (they could probably fix my cut-off image here!) and logical. For years I bought into that, and proudly claimed to be both. Turns out everybody is.

Both brain hemispheres are involved in language and perception, with different specialties like grammar or jokes. A recent article in Psychology Today dispelled numerous myths about brain research, including the left/right one. It also dissected the myth about 10,000 hours of practice, popularized a decade ago in the book “Outliers.”  The original research was over-simplified. Practice only accounts for about a quarter of people’s results.

These facts were sources of great relief for me. I have always used both analytic and creative skills in my work and play. I am also seriously disinclined to practice anything extensively, to the exclusion of other interests. This is especially true of painting, where I prefer to use my intuition. Years ago, an instructor suggested the perspective in my painting was off. I knew that, and had happily forgotten or ignored most of what I’d learned in school. As you would, too, if forced to draw coffee mugs and folds of brown paper from multiple angles, for hours on end!

My objective is to make something look just real enough that you know what it is. Most people have a camera in their phone, so where’s the creativity if I just copy that? Instead I try to show how it felt to be there, as in this painting (which is unfortunately cut off, so click on it to see it whole!) I had just come around a corner and was dazzled by the lights of the fabled Radio City Music Hall. We were fortunate to spend a month experiencing New York City’s wonderful energy before the pandemic hit, so I’ve been inspired to work on a series of NYC paintings. Stay tuned, and stay safe, everybody!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, JP! People wanting to see it in full can go to my Cityscape portfolio. Frustrating, and clearly not my strong suit. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed it as is!

  2. Uhmmm, maybe cut-off, but not clickable either… though I love it as it appears! Totally gives the sensibility of hopping out of cab in a teeming, dazzling environment (maybe a sheet or two to the wind), expectantly, euphorically entering Radio City for the evening.

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