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14 Apr

Opportunity Knocks

Not to sound too New Age-y, but sometimes you just have to put the intention out there and then watch carefully for the universe to respond with an opportunity. After devoting a lot of time in the last few years to volunteer board work, I recently decided to focus on my art business. At a farmers market in March, I noticed […]

04 Jan

Pleasures of Produce

This isn't a New Year's resolution about eating better, but take it that way if you prefer. My “produce aisle” paintings are very popular – fruits, veggies, wine bottles, etc. They’re often purchased in multiples for collectors’ kitchens or bathrooms. This doesn't bother me in the least. In fact, I find it flattering that people want to see my […]

28 Jul

Who Curated That?

The term curated has been appropriated recently by trendy shop owners, restauranteurs and others so that every collection of clothing, jewelry, furniture or food is now “curated” just for you. Professional curators have degrees in art history to help them select art and determine how best to preserve, store and display objects. They can spend years putting together exhibits that involve […]

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