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29 Jan

Peripatetic Painter

Some people travel to relax on a beach, to try famous restaurants, or to ski and hike. I travel for inspiration. The best trips stimulate both my brain and my creative juices. It seems I need this kind of travel to be able to paint. This past year, we experienced Havana, London and the Greek island […]

20 Apr

Billy’s Wisdom

If you think you're not a poetry fan, you haven't read Billy Collins. Whether waxing eloquent about jazz, old age, travel, Three Blind Mice, or the annoying linguistic mannerisms of teenage girls, he points out the humor in everyday situations. This quote from a recent interview with him struck me as painfully true: "Once a pleasurable activity […]

05 Apr

Creation vs. Destruction

Witnessing the recent bizarre attack on a multimillion dollar Gainsborough painting in London's National Gallery has haunted my thoughts. You may have missed the story, as it was overshadowed a few days later by the terrorist attack down the street, near Parliament. My first inkling was the shouting, though my husband insists he heard a slashing sound. […]

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