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30 Oct

The Art Institute

A recent visit to Chicago was a refresher and inspiration. If you’re remotely curious about pastel, here’s a formal explanation from their Art Institute. Which also happens to explain why I love pastels, and the Impressionists. “Pastel is a medium… made by combining dry pigment with a sticky binder. Once artists have applied the pastel […]

01 Aug

Ten Years After

We recently threw a party to mark our tenth wedding anniversary. Friends from many parts of our lives – former consulting clients and law partners, neighbors past and present, people with whom I’d painted, practiced Pilates, or served on nonprofit boards – celebrated with us. It reminded me how very lucky we are, and how grateful. […]

27 Jul

Making It Visible

Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible. When my husband and I were dating, he gave me that quote from artist Paul Klee to hang on my wall because I am adamant about not trying to copy from my photographs when I paint. The fact is that our eyes can discern much more color […]

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