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26 Aug

Bathroom and Bedroom Art

Some of the simplest and most fun things to paint are fruit, vegetables and nudes. They're actually very similar. All are rounded shapes that challenge me to show volume, that are pleasing to the eye and that appeal to people on a primal level. My "still-ish life paintings" – because everything I paint has energy and doesn't really sit still […]

01 Jun


There are several questions people usually ask about my pastel paintings. If the questioner is standing in front of a painting while talking to me, question #1 is "how do you work with pastels?" If not, it's "where can I see your paintings?" They also ask about the scenes depicted, which usually leads to a discussion about travel. Since […]

04 Apr

The Importance of Awe

An article about awe, citing everyone from a therapist, to a theoretical physicist (whatever that is!) to a UNICEF exec, got me thinking about what inspires and soothes us. For some, it's the immensity of the universe. For others, it's a cathedral, a spectacular sunset, a hundred voices lifted in song, an ancient tree, or a piece of art. […]

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