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14 Jun

Exhibit Adrenalin

Preparing for the opening reception of an art exhibit requires basic project management skills. You have to consider lead times for production (postcard invitations, flyers and ads, the actual paintings), logistics (photographing, framing and schlepping the art) and supplies (labels, picture hooks or putty, brochures, cocktail napkins.)  You have to address human resources (help with hors d'oeuvres, bar-tending, […]

05 Apr

Creation vs. Destruction

Witnessing the recent bizarre attack on a multimillion dollar Gainsborough painting in London's National Gallery has haunted my thoughts. You may have missed the story, as it was overshadowed a few days later by the terrorist attack down the street, near Parliament. My first inkling was the shouting, though my husband insists he heard a slashing sound. […]

07 Dec

Multi-modal Locavore?

Accept my apologies for even using a trendy word like locavore, but please bear with me while I broaden its appeal. It occurred to me recently that it's basically just another way of saying "put your money where your mouth is." Save your health, our farmers, the economy – and maybe some starving artists, too! People bemoan […]

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